crafted by photobiz

A number of things have shaped my passion for photography.  I grew up in New York City, a place with as many different things to see as there are streets.  My parents also instilled in me a love of travel.  As a kid, they made it a tradition in our family to take a summer vacation to a new place every year.  For me, this was always very exciting, and we would always take lots of pictures with my parents' old, traditional SLR camera.

I remember on one of my more adventurous childhood vacations, to Germany, my dad and I were visiting Berlin for the day, and I snapped a photo of the 'Berlin' sculpture, with the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in the background.  It struck a chord with my then eleven-year-old self, and looking back on it, I think was a turning point in how I looked at photography.  From there, I took a few photography classes in high school, but otherwise it remained simply a hobby for some time.

After graduating college, I moved across the country to the San Francisco Bay Area, undeniably one of the most beautiful regions of the world.  After getting married, it was my wife Kristin who actually took the initiative to buy our first digital camera.  Of course, I married someone who also loved to travel (and specifically, loved to travel to New York).  With a rediscovered tradition of traveling and seeing as much of the country (and hopefully the rest of the world more often in the future as time and money allow) as possible, I again began to catch the photography bug.

I truly feel lucky to be able to call both New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area my homes, and you'll see that much of my photography is from these two areas.  Both places offer an abundance of interesting sights, both grand and common, famous and tucked away.  I am passionate about capturing these sights, and hopefully portraying some of the sense of why I love these areas so much, each in their own way.

After continuing with photography as basically a serious hobby for a while, my wife and I finally decided to try our hand at starting our own little photography business in the summer of 2010.  We hope you enjoy our images, and would perhaps even like to see one of them hanging on your wall.